Both the office and the practice are permanently closed.

Dr. Rick Quinn has retired from clinical practice.

If you are a previous client, please contact your veterinarian about medication renewals and follow-up care-he or she has been provided with copies of all pertinent information about each of your pet's visits as they occurred.

If you are from a referring clinic and you require records that pertain to acute patient care for a matter that our clinic has been consulted, please email . As you are aware, the records for all visits, including surgical procedures, would have been sent to the referring clinic at the time the service was provided. If you are not the original referring clinic, a request for records should be made to the previous/ original clinic.

Thank you for the privilege of caring for your pets and patients over the last forty-one years.

R.F. Quinn DVM, DVSc, Diplomate ACVO
Founding Director, Docs4GreatApes
Adjunct Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Director, the Jane Goodall Institute (Canada)
Director, the Jane Goodall Institute (Global)